"STL-biotechnologies" : an high school diploma in sciences auteur : Thibault CARRE, Lycée Galilée, Gennevilliers

, par Géraldine Carayol

Sciences et Technologies de Laboratoire – Biotechnologies (STL-Biotechnologies) is a biotechnology, sciences and laboratory technologies option for baccalaureate exam (equivalent for High School diploma in US). This pathway is proposed to 10th grade student attracted by biology and laboratory experimental approach.
It’s a scientific pathway – including technological aspects of experimental sciences – which offers an alternative to general scientific pathway.

Scientific : it proposes a wide variety of scientific lessons giving students a pratical and concrete understanding of scientific concepts.
Technology : focused on lab experimental work, it is based on society thematic including environment, health, bioindustry and academic research.

It confronts students with reality of science and drives them to critical analysis of their results relying on strict scientific and technical approach – really similar to what is done in research lab.
In 10th grade, a biotechnology discovery lesson called “Enseignement d’exploration de biotechnologies” enables students to unravel this pathway, its pedagogic specificities and its potential applications.

Savanturiers – CRI – MIT – Biotechnologies’s highschool collaboration work

Interdisciplinary Research Center (CRI), Savanturiers and biology – biotechnology highschool teachers from Versailles’s Academy are gathering for an synthetic biology project in collaboration with Boston’s MIT.

Five highschools from Versailles’s academy are part of this program, including students from 10th grade to post-baccalaureate BTS. Students will perform synthetic biology experiments suggested by MIT lecturers and researchers : bacteria harvesting, genetic harvesting and impact analysis of several genetic structures.
MIT Biobuilder’s project aims to apply synthetic biology research progress in highschool classes. It should permit the development of fellowship interested in and able to understand synthetic biology issues.

Thanks to this international collaboration, biotechnology pathway students will discover synthetic biology emerging biotechnology domain with its engineering aspects and ethical concerns.

Highschool teachers will be supported by Savanturiers’s team, which is hosting “learning by research” projects since 2013.
Students will benefit from their biology – biotechnology teachers expertise and from CRI PhD students. Those have conceived a Massive Online Open Course on synthetic biology that will be tested by highschool students who will get as closely as possible to research approach and will be able to think about highly enhancing scientific job.


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